Update on Pastor Layne Daniel

I received the following email this morning from Pastor Mike Knight, a good friend of ours and brother-in-law to Layne.

Dear Family and Friends,

Please pray for my brother-in-law, Pastor Layne Daniel, my sister, Sharon, and their two children Jason (12th grade) and Krista (10th grade).  As most of your know Layne has been battling a brain tumor since March of 2007.  God’s grace has been completely sufficient to carry Layne, Sharon, Jason and Krista through some very difficult times over the last 17 months.

Layne has been at home under hospice care for the last 4 weeks and now has entered his last stages in this earthly life.  Even in the last 4 days Layne’s condition has drastically changed.  He is very difficult to arouse from his sleep and unable to speak more than a few words.  All meds are now administered through IV and injections.  Starting today the Hospice nurses are scheduled to come every day.  Breathing has become very difficult and Layne now depends upon an oxygen machine.

Please pray for Layne and his family as they prepare for his departure from this earth and his entrance his eternal home in heaven.  My brother, Phil, and I had a sweet visit with the family this evening!  Thank you for your prayer support.  I’m so thankful to know that Layne’s absence from this life means he will be in the presence of the Lord!

*If you would like to read Sharon’s latest update clink on this link, http://laynedaniel.wordpress.com/

*You can also send Sharon an encouraging word by scrolling down to the bottom of the blog page and posting a comment.  Thanks again for you prayer support!


One thought on “Update on Pastor Layne Daniel

  1. I cannot hold back tears for the Daniel family, but am touched in the deepest part of me at their faith. Layne was my youth pastor for a brief time at Trinity Baptist in Wilson, also a teacher at WCA for a time in my Bible class. Always a faithful witness. Looking forward to seeing him in heaven, and hurting for his family today. Praying for them.

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