Update on Barbara Ledbetter

I received the following email earlier today from the Kennerly Road Baptist Church office:

Many of you have been asking about Barbara since her surgery.  Her recovery continues to go well.  We do not yet know when she is expected to be released from the hospital.  Pastor has asked that we pray for the following:

  • For Barbara to regain strength and get rest
  • For Barbara to be released from the hospital soon
  • For the Lord to be glorified
  • Witnessing opportunities

See the not below for an opportunity to encourage Barbara during the coming days.  Please feel free to forward this to anyone that you think might want to participate.

A lady in our church is organizing a special gift for Mrs. Ledbetter.  She has Mrs. Ledbetter a Lydia bag – http://thelydiaproject.org/ – and she is filling the bag with index cards from friends. These cards will serve as an encouragement on the hard days ahead. We would like for you to be included in this gift. On the attached index template, please type a word of encouragement and/or a scripture verse,  include your name and the date. Save the file, attach it to an email, and send it to kidsatheart@bellsouth.net Your index card will be printed and included with the others than will be given to Mrs. Ledbetter in about a week. Since this gift will be given soon, please reply as soon as possible.

On behalf of the Ledbetter family and the KRBC family, I would like to thank you in advance for taking time to encourage Mrs. Ledbetter in this way, and for your continued prayer support.


Jennifer L. Hayes


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