Update on My Dad Allen Davis

Today has been a long day for all of us. Dad is in a deep coma with very little brain activity. There is only a small glimmer of hope. None of the doctors are optimistic. We have been able to see him several times. As I am writing he is still bleeding from the aneurysm he suffered yesterday. We have been comforted by the many phone calls and emails. This is a tough time for our entire family. Last week we had a wonderful time together for Christmas. Dad was in good health and was thrilled to have his entire family with him. You never know what a day may bring forth. When I began my day yesterday, I was taking my two youngest daughters to visit the hospital in Wilson to be a blessing to some of our church people. We are now the ones in need of prayer and encouragement. Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern. I will try to keep you updated.

Family Photo taken on Christmas Day 2008



One thought on “Update on My Dad Allen Davis

  1. Jeff and Family:

    When I read your email sent to family and friends late last night, I became very emotional. I know the pain you are feeling now as we buried my dad, J. Fields Batson, a little over 8 months ago. I have no doubt that your dad is a Christian and I know you have that comfort. I also know that even as Christians, we grieve for the loss of those we love. I have had you, your mom, your siblings and you in my prayers all day long. I wondered what was happening, whether your dad was any better, how your mom was holding up. As I am writing this to you, I have a lump in my throat for you so large it’s difficult for me to breath. Alan is a wonderful man. He and Laney have been a couple who are totally devoted to each other for nearly half a century (or it may already be 50 years – I’m not sure). I have always seen the way your mother looks at your dad, with love in her eyes and the ever present smile she has when they are together. Your dad’s gentle touches to your mom’s shoulders, looking in her eyes, that’s something a by-stander can’t miss. I know your dad is ready, whatever God’s will is for him. I know your family has already accepted God’s plan for your dad. I just wanted to let you know I’ve spoken with my mom, Pat Batson, and she expressed that I let you know (since she doesn’t have email) that she is praying for you all. Our earnest prayer is that God will be merciful to your dad. Your dad is a strong man. He’s shown that time and time again when his health has failed him. I ask, as we’re about to enter this new year, that God will continue keeping our hearts and minds focused on Him. I’m happy your family had Christmas together and from the beautful photograph your mom sent, all appeared to be happy and having a great time. What a legacy your dad is going to leave you – whether his passing is soon or far down the road. Just look at the family he and your mom had. Not a bad apple in the bunch!! God bless you my little cousin. Pamela Batson-Herring

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