America’s Need for Revival

We began a two-part sermon series yesterday morning on the subject of Revival. We looked at 2 Chronicles 7:14 and saw two principles of revival which involved (1) Our Responsibility and (2) God’s Response. Evangelist Gypsy Smith was once asked how to start a revival. He answered: “Go home, lock yourself in your room, kneel down in the middle of your floor. Draw a chalk mark all around yourself and ask God to start the revival inside that chalk mark. When He has answered your prayer, the revival will be on.”


If I Should Die Before I Wake

This morning, we looked at Numbers 6 and the Aaronic blessing. This was the final message in our series on Heaven. God’s blessing upon Israel promised: (1) God’s Protection, (2) God’s Pleasure, (3) God’s Peace, and (4) God’s Presence. You can listen to this message by following this link or visit our sermons page.