God’s Wisdom is Bigger Than My Confusion

We returned Sunday morning to our series, “God is Big, Really Big!” Our message was entitled, “God’s Wisdom is Bigger than My Confusion.” We were in Romans 11:33-36. Spurgeon  said of this text, “I will affirm that there is no man living who can preach from my text a sermon worthy of it; nay, that among all sacred orators and the eloquent pleaders for God, there never did live and never will live a man capable of reaching the height of the great argument contained in these few simple words”  That is encouraging isn’t it? He says right up front that there isn’t a preacher alive today or one who has ever lived that can do any kind of justice to this text. I considered just dismissing the congregation after that statement, but then reminded them that we would NEVER be able to truly fathom God. Maybe we didn’t make it into the deep end of theological pool, but at the very least we put our big toe in the water. We saw Paul’s tremendous theological treatise turning to praise. It is as if Paul has been giving all of these deep theological truths about salvation, he then takes a deep breath and breaks forth into a song of praise. His theology turned to doxology. That is our purpose, to know God, and to know God is to truly glorify God. You can listen to this message by following this link or visit our sermons page.


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