God’s Courage is Bigger Than My Fears

courageThe year was 1974. I was in the 2nd grade, living in Seneca, SC. Our house was the second house to be built on Sourwood Dr., which was at that time a gravel road. The third house to be built, was being built at the time right next door to our house. One afternoon several of my friends and I were exploring the new construction. We liked to go over and play in the sand pile or wander through the newly constructed halls. The dry wall was up in the house. I’m not sure if had been mudded and taped yet, but about ten of us were wandering around the new construction. My friend Craig, who moved later that year, was trying to scare us. He was growling, “Grrrr!” “What was that?” One of the girls exclaimed. “Oh, its just Craig,” I replied all cool, you know. “Grrr!” Why was he doing that? We heard another loud growl, “Grrrrr!” And everyone ran right past me. I looked up and saw this wild man coming at me. My heart is racing right now just thinking about it. Everyone turned to run. I was at the back of the pack. It was like one of those horror movies where you are running in slow motion, and just like the movie the lead character trips and falls. “Grrrrrr!” The wild man was running behind us, and I, the lead character, had tripped over the sand pile. Everyone made it safely to my yard and looked back. The wild man turned on the front porch area and went back into the house. Later, we found out that it was the builder’s son who was drunk in a closet. You talk about being afraid… As I said, I can still feel the fear and that was 35 years ago.

Have you ever been afraid? Or maybe I should ask it this way, have you ever been slap scared to death? We returned to our sermon series “God is Big, Really Big!” on Sunday morning. The message was entitled, “God’s Courage is Bigger than My Fears.” You can listen to this message by following this link or visit our sermons page.


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