We Are at Camp – The Wilds, Monday, June 22, 2009

We had a great trip from Wilson to the Wilds Christian Camp in Brevard, NC. We left the church at about 8:45 a.m. Monday morning and arrived right at 4:00 p.m. as planned. The campers did great and no one got sick on the windy mountain roads.

The campers were registered and assigned to cabins. We have campers on all three teams in teen camp and on both teams in junior camp. We had pizza for supper last night. One camper told me one of the best things about the Wilds is the food. I would have to agree with her about that.

Last night the junior campers had a great session with Mr. Bob, Bob Roberts from Kids 4 Truth Ministries. They then played an exiting game on the junior camp ball field. All of the junior campers did great. They seem to love their counselors and their cabins.

After supper the teen campers had a time of orientation and then enjoyed a very competitive game of Big Ball. The green team came from way behind to squeak out a win at the final whistle.

Keven Brownfield is the speaker for teen camp this week. He spoke at Tabernacle and Wilson Christian Academy in the fall of 2007. The message last night was entitled “Conformity or Conviction” from 2 Chronicles 24. We began by reading 1 Timothy 1:15 ”This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.” Keven has such a tremendous passion for the Lord and even after being saved for just over 30 years he still hasn’t gotten over God’s amazing grace. Before the message began, he briefly explained salvation as a person recognizing their great need of a Savior and begging God for mercy. He then did something I have never seen before. He gave a “mini-invitation” to those who were in the room without Christ and needed to be saved. This is before he even began preaching. A half a dozen teens responded and were saved BEFORE the preaching.

Here is the outline of Bro. Brownfield’s message on the life of Josiah:

1. There was Conformity – 2 Chron 24:2 “[Josiah] did that which was right…all the days of Jehoida.”
2. There was Confusion – 2 Chron 24:3-4 Josiah’s life was confusing because he sent mixed messages.
3. There was Change – 2 Chron 24:15 Jehoida passed away and now Josiah’s heart was fully known. We are who we really are when no one is around.
4. There were Companions – 2 Chron 24:17
5. There were Corruptions – 2 Chron 24:18
6. There was Confrontation – 2 Chron 24:19 One of God’s greatest demonstrations of His love for us is the way he sends us prophets. He demonstrates his love by confronting us with our sin.
7. There was Contrast – 2 Chron 24:20
8. There was Contempt – 2 Chron 24:21

What a way to start the week. Continue to pray for our young people at camp this week.

You can listen to this same message by Keven Brownfield which is posted on Sermon Audio by following this link.


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