Wednesday at the Wilds Christian Camp

campgirlsOn Tuesday evening, our speaker Keven Brownfield preached a message entitled “Don’t Waste Your Life.” It was a message on the life of Esau. He began by giving an illustration of two great men of God who both died at the age of 29, Robert Murray McCheyne and David Brainerd. Evangelist Brownfield preached a message titled Don’t Waste Your Life from the life of Esau.

Here is the outline for his message:

  1. Esau focused on the immediate rather than the eternal.
  2. Esau cherished what he should have disregarded and disregarded what he should have cherished.
  3. Esau’s shortsightedness prompted him to give up the ultimate for the immediate.
  4. Esau thought that earthly favor could overcome Divine accountability.
  5. Esau’s limited view of God and eternity motivated him to live a sensual life.
  6. Esau’s clouded vision kept him from seeing his brother’s deception

There was a large response from the campers following the service.

Wednesday has been a very busy day. The junior campers and the teen campers had Water Wars this morning. Everyone enjoyed a picnic lunch by the lake. The afternoon was spent in various free time activities. We have posted pictures of our kids online at


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