Friday at the Wilds 2009

calebcampGod has given us an incredible week at camp. The weather has been gorgeous, a little hot, but no one can complain. The campers have done great. We are so proud of our junior campers that came with us for the first time. We are rejoicing in many decisions that were made. We are looking forward to our service on Sunday evening at Tabernacle Baptist. We will show the Junior Camp DVD and take camper testimonies and then show the Teen Camp DVD.

On Friday we spent the day playing exciting games and listening to some dynamic preaching. During the afternoon our campers were able to enjoy the free time activities at the camp site. Several of our young people even took another hike and enjoyed S’mores. The competition for the week ended with the green team winning for the teen camp, and the red team winning for junior camp. I’m sure our campers will be cheering for the first part of our journey home tomorrow. It is always fun to hear the excitement of a good week at camp. After lunch they will all settle down a little and may even catch a little nap. Pray for Jen as she drives the bus back. We are planning on returning to Wilson and arriving around 4:30 p.m.

The final service of the night was a real blessing. Keven Brownfield preached on The Cost of Being a Genuine Christian. He challenged each of us to live like first generation Christians. So many times we see second and third generation Christians growing more and more apathetic. He preached from Luke 14:25-35. In order to live like a first generation Christian it is going to cost us (1) Our Closest Relationships, (2) Our Lives, (3) Our Time and Things. To listen to this same message, follow this link. Brother Brownfield did not give a come forward invitation. Instead he told the young people to look at the door closest to them. He then challenged them when they left the service to go out and live for God.

Following the evening service, the campers all shared a testimony at the campfire service by throwing a stick on the fire, symbolic of our lives that are surrendered to God. What a blessing to see so many young people declaring their allegiance to Christ.


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