A Rare Christmas Day

By Lindsay Terry

The angel’s halo was a little crooked and the shepherds had their pants rolled up under their bathrobes, but something wonderful was about to take place. A beautiful song was soon to be born. Audrey Mieir who wrote that song, tells us what happened on that day, one of those rare Christmases that came on Sunday:

“We wanted to do something special in our little church, Bethel Union Church in Duarte, California. The pastor was my brother-in-law. We were using the young people in a Christmas presentation. Mary was a teenage girl and the angels were young boys. The baby was a doll.

“The atmosphere was charged. I so often have thought that I could hear the rustling of angels’ wings. It seemed that the whole room was filled with the presence of the angels of God.

“I looked down at the little children and they were sitting there with open mouths, thinking, as they listened to the soft organ music. I looked around at the older people and they were wiping tears away, remembering other Christmases gone by.

“The pastor stood up and slowly lifted his hands toward heaven and said, ‘His name is Wonderful!’ Those words electrified me. I immediately began writing in the back of my Bible. As I wrote I was thinking that God has something He wants said. I wrote a simple chorus and I sang it that night for the young people around the piano. They sang it immediately. It wasn’t hard for them to learn. I never dreamed that it would go any further, but it has traveled around the world in many languages.”

Audrey Mieir was born in Pennsylvania in 1916. She began her songwriting career at age sixteen. How thankful we should be that God chose to use her talents to praise Him with these simple but powerful words:

His name is Wonderful,
His name is Wonderful,
His name is Wonderful,
Jesus, my Lord.
He is the mighty King.
Master of everything.
His name is Wonderful,
Jesus, my Lord.
He’s the great Shepherd,
The Rock of all ages.
Almighty God is He;
Bow down before Him,
Love and adore Him,
His name is Wonderful,
Jesus, my Lord.

Reflection: Is the name of Jesus wonderful to you today and every day? Sing a song of praise and you will feel closer to Him. You, too, will experience that “His Name Is Wonderful.”

Lindsay Terry
Forward Leadership Resources
Rowlett, Texas


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