Jesus, Man of Power Over Demons

Sunday morning, we returned to our expository series in the Gospel of Mark called “Discovering the Real Jesus.” Last time we were in Mark’s gospel was several months ago. The last time we were in Mark’s gospel we looked at a message called “Theology for the Storm.” We saw the disciples on the sea in the storm and Jesus calmed the storm. In chapter five the disciples are now on the shore with Jesus, but they are going to encounter a much more serious storm, not the storm on the sea, but the storm of a heart. Out of the tombs rushed a wild-eyed crazy man, completely naked. This man was possessed by many demons. I can just imagine someone living near those tombs hearing this man screaming at night. Maybe some little boy would run to his parents upon hearing the screaming and ask, “Is Legion going to get me?” Jesus demonstrated His power over the forces of darkness in our text found in Mark 5:1-20. This was a difficult message to preach. There were several distractions. We had trouble with the sound system. It was as if the devil didn’t want this message to be delivered, but as we see in our text the devil lost. You can listen to this message by following this link or visit our sermons page.


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