New Website:

new web siteI am happy to announce that I finally bit the bullet and started my new website. Several years ago, I started a blog at  I was glad for the free hosting service and for quite a while it served me well. I used it to post updates on our family, to share sermon links to audio messages I had preached, and as a communication tool for our church family. When we moved to Anderson, I used Facebook and our church website as my main communication tools, but often regretted the lack of time spent updating my blog.

logotopEarlier this evening I connected my blog to my new website. That way anyone can look back and see how inconsistent I have been over the past few years. They also will be able to look back to posts from several years ago that give a glimpse into my ministry and to my family. Maybe I need to take time to chronicle events of the past five years. Can you imagine how long that would take? I guess the Facebook timeline will have to suffice.

It is my goal that in the days ahead, I will be more consistent in using this website as a platform to share sermon links, devotional thoughts, information on our family, and just about anything that pops into my head. I’m not sure if anyone other than my family will pay attention, but this exercise in discipline will for the time being be something that benefits at least this preacher.


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