Amazon Trade-In: I Think I Will Try This

amazon trade-in

If you are like me and looking to de-clutter and would love to make a few extra bucks then I think I may have found something you may like.  Amazon has an awesome program where you can TRADE-IN YOUR USED STUFF in exchange for an Amazon gift card.

Trade-In Categories Include:

Phones | Cameras | Laptops & Tablets | Wearable Electronics
Books & Textbooks | Video Games | TV & Movies | Music | MP3 Players

How it Works:

Simply follow this link and then ENTER AN ITEM, Amazon will tell you if it is accepted and how much it is worth. There are different amounts based on the condition of the item. After you have entered everything, you’ll hit submit. It gives you a printable list of items to include and even a free shipping label.

You then box it up, send it in, and receive your gift card. If for some reason Amazon won’t accept one of your items, they will simply send it back to you for free. I’ve got a lot of books and old DVD’s I need to get rid of. A lot of the smaller items like that have a smaller return than my used iPhone 4s, but EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS.


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