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If you are looking for some excellent in-home Bible studies that you can do right from your computer then be sure to visit the BBN Bible Institute web site. BBNBI is an online Bible Institute to help people study and learn the Bible. Registration is simple and you can begin your studies in less than five minutes. View the FAQ.

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The City of Brotherly Love

Yesterday, we returned to our study of “God’s Word to the Churches,” with a look at the sixth church, the church of Philadelphia. I can only imagine how the church must have felt knowing that Jesus Christ was writing them a personal letter. They may have heard some of the condemning remarks that Jesus had made to the other churches. He had just called the church at Sardis a “dead” church. Maybe they were a little nervous, but they didn’t have anything to fear because Jesus had only positive things to say about the church at Philadelphia. We had some technical difficulties in recording the message from Sunday morning. This was a two-part message that I concluded in the evening service. I am posting the Sunday night message in which I review the points made in the morning and then conclude the message. What a challenge for any church to a Philadelphia Church. You may listen to this sermon by clicking here or visit our sermons page.

Autopsy of a Dead Church

Last Sunday we looked at the fifth church in our study of “God’s Word to the Churches.” When Jesus addressed the church of Smyrna, He had only good to say about it. When Jesus addressed Thyatira, He only had bad to say about it. This church had a reputation for being alive, but Jesus said “you are dead.” They were just playing church. There was no reality of life in the church as a whole. Listen to this message by clicking here or visit our sermons page.

Jezebel or Jesus

On Sunday we returned to our study on the Seven Churches in Asia Minor entitled “God’s Word to the Churches.” We encountered the church at Thyatira. Jesus saw much to be commended in this church, however the church was in danger. It appeared to be healthy on the outside, but there was a tumor growing underneath, because in an effort to be tolerant the church allowed an evil woman with the character of Jezebel to teach. This evil woman was leading many astray. The challenge to stand for truth is something that needs to be echoed in all churches. Listen to this message by clicking here or you can visit our sermons page.

Homecoming Revival

We had a great day Sunday with Evangelist Keven Brownfield. We began the day with a combined Sunday School time where Brother Keven shared his heart with us. During the morning service there was a sweet spirit as we gathered to worship God. We had a good attendance and the Word of God was again preached with power. We enjoyed lunch in the gym and the hospitality team and the ladies of our church outdid themselves. The lines were extremely quick and the food was delicious. During the afternoon we had a praise service where we sang hymn favorites and took testimonies from the floor. Brother Keven again preached a tremendous message.

On Monday through Wednesday, our evangelist will preach out at Wilson Christian Academy each morning at 9:45 a.m. Each evening at 7:00 p.m. we will meet again for Revival services. The choir is singing each night. There is a nursery provided and there will be children’s meetings for kids up through third grade.

In the next couple of days, I hope to post Brother Keven’s messages for the week on our sermons page.