$$$ Caleb’s New Car – Not!

Caleb turned sixteen last month and got his driver’s license a couple of weeks later. He is now wanting to drive by himself all of the time. He is even willing to take his sisters to run errands. When we were in Hershey, PA, a couple of weeks ago we came across a 2009 Corvette that he fell in love with. Since he is such an avid Clemson fan he loved the orange color. We didn’t take it home with us though. The $70k plus price tag is just a little bit out of our price range. Anyway, I’m having to save money to pay for the additional insurance and for the braces he had put on his top teeth this week.


How Good Are You at Getting Small

I enjoy listening to sermons through my Ipod while driving around town or early in the morning or late at night. Yesterday I listened to a message that I heard preached a few years ago in Myrtle Beach at the American Association of Christian Schools conference by Attorney David Gibbs. He is the founder and president of the Christian Law Association. This message was called “How Good are You at Getting Small.” It was a reminder that we make God big by making ourselves small. This is a challenge we all need to be reminded of every day. If you have time I encourage you to listen to the message. It can be found by following this link.

Great Background Music

Some people may not have noticed the link to online Christian radio on our church website. The link is over on the left near the bottom. This station is streaming music from Ron Hamilton, Sacred Music Services, the Wilds, Mac and Beth Lynch, the Herbster Trio, West Coast Baptist College, Majesty Music and others. Click here to listen to this station. You can click on this link and then continue to work on your computer in a separate window.

Lessons on the Kingdom

This morning we returned to our sermon series on the Gospel of Mark. Mark’s gospel is an action gospel. It contains stories of Jesus moving quickly from one place to the other. The narrative is fast paced. Mark tells us that Jesus taught, but very rarely does he tell us what Jesus taught. In chapter four though that all changes as Mark takes his pen and reveals to us four important parables. It strikes me that Mark tells us that Jesus spoke many parables, but he only gives us these four here. Why did he include these four? Is there something that ties all of these together. I believe if we study this chapter we will see that Mark was very deliberate in what he was doing. He intentionally wrote the way he did. Listen to the sermon “Lessons on the Kingdom” as we unpack the last three of the parables. You can also visit our sermons page.

Abby’s Eleventh Birthday

Abigail turned eleven yesterday (7/17). She wanted to go to the Olive Garden in Raligh for lunch. She and I went by the radio station earlier in the morning and then visited in the hospital before returning home to pick up the rest of the family. We let Caleb drive to Raleigh for us. We were in a good bit of traffic and he did a great job for us. We had several of Abby’s presents already picked out, but we wanted to find an inexpensive mp3 player for her. We found one at Target with 1 GB of storage for about $35. She was thrilled when she opened it. She loves to listen to the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team, The Wilds music, Soundforth from BJU, Mac Lynch, Matt and Christy Taylor, and Ron Hamilton. I loaded her mp3 player when we arrived back at home and she listened to it last night. While in Raleigh we ate at Olive Garden and then stopped by the Triangle Town Center Mall. One thing she requested was that she get to bungee jump on the trampolines in the center of the mall. They strap you into a harness attached to the bungee cords and then have you jump on the trampoline. The bungees tighten and you fly way up into the air up near the second floor of the mall. Here is picture of Abby jumping. She enjoyed flipping backwards and forwards. She looked like a little gymnast. I apologize for it being blurry. It was the best picture I could get. The photo above was taken outside the mall on the rocks by the waterfall outside the food court. We had a great afternoon. I had to return to Wilson for a school board meeting so I didn’t get to enjoy the cake that she and her mom made earlier in the morning. It was a chocolate and peanut butter eclair cake that they said was delicious. I probably didn’t need it anyway.

“A Bad Night to Be an Atheist”

I wonder if anyone else was watching the hitting clinic that Josh Hamilton put on at last night’s MLB Homerun Derby. He hit a record twenty-eight homeruns in the first round. The excitement at Yankee Stadium was electric and you could almost feel it through the television set. To make the story even more interesting, his pitcher was a 71 year old friend who was a volunteer baseball coach who used to throw him batting practice. Hamilton followed through on a promise he made to his coach that if he ever made the Homerun Derby he would ask his friend to pitch for him. Hamilton said in an interview following the contest, “I first of all want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” He also said that all the glory goes to Jesus. The ESPN announcers were as excited as anyone else. As Hamilton hit, they told his remarkable story of rehabilitation from drug addiction. One of the announcers exclaimed, “It is a bad night to be an atheist.” You can read more about Josh Hamilton in this article “I’m Proof That Hope is Never Lost,” from ESPN the Magazine. For a recap on Hamilton’s record breaking first round view the ESPN Story here.